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=2014 MPTS Science Fair Winners
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Green Thumb- JaNya Bowen (5th)
Best Experimental Design- Trinity Ford (3rd)
Fun to Try- Ellen Pritchard (3rd)
Out of This World- Mariam Faye (3rd)
Best Use of Technology- Caroline Darwin & Evelyn Wattenbarger (3rd)
Medical Science- Brenden Pinckley (3rd)
Real-World Application- Pheriby Bryan & Sullivan Dill (5th)
Fun to Try- Tommy Wray (3rd)
Best Use of Food- Gauri Narayan & Sohaliya Kumar (3rd)

3rd Grade
3rd Place- Amelia Phelps
2nd Place- Simran Malik
1st Place- Ian MacNair

4th Grade
3rd Place- Madeline Scroggins & Samantha Scroggins
2nd Place- Christian Curry
1st Place- Zane Davis & William Coley

5th Grade
3rd Place- Vivian Nichols & Za’Khiya Borders
2nd Place- Coryn Walker
1st Place- Neal Kapur

3rd Place- Grace Santana
2nd Place- Anna Grace Gallant & Janie Reibel
1st Place- Caroline Mecia, Abby Barley & Ann Corbett Saunders